"Comfort Doctrines

The following lessons are a series designed to examine some errors being taught throughout the religious world, including some among our brethren, that tend to cheapen the consequences of sin.  These are doctrines that provide FALSE comfort to those taught such things. 

In this study we will notice that God is a God of comfort and He wants us to be confident and comforted by His word.  BUT, if we persist in sin we do NOT want to be deceived into thinking we are fine when we are not.  As always, I invite you to open your Bible and consider the texts.  This series is dedicated to a realization that we MUST obey God to the best of our abilities.

Lesson 1 - Our Comfort in Christ  God wants us to take comfort in Him.  It is emphasized throughout the New Testament.  Let us find the source of TRUE comfort.

Lesson 2 - "There is No Hell" examined.  In spite of the rejection by many of the place of torments, the Bible still clearly discusses its reality.

Lesson 3 - "Once Saved, Always Saved" examined.  Examining this most popular denominational doctrine which dismisses the need for obedience as a child of God.

Lesson 4 - Salvation by works, examined.  An examination of salvation which includes grace, faith and obedient works.  Also an explanation of how we cannot EARN our salvation! (2 Lessons)

 Lesson 5 - Sins of Ignorance, examined.  Why ignorance is not an acceptable justification when we stand before God.

Lesson 6 - Sins of weakness & sincerity, examined.  Examining how weakness and sincerity will not dismiss one's sins.

Lessons 7 - "It Doesn't Matter What we Believe", examined.  A 2 part lesson dealing with the ecumenical movement and how it promotes a false sense of security.

Lesson 8 - "The Bible Doesn't Say That", examined.   Part 1         Part 2 - - how far too many are dismissing the importance of authority and weakening God's standards of accountability. 

 Lesson 9 - "Can I Know I Am Saved?"  Our concluding lesson which demonstrates that we can find true comfort and HOW that is achieved.  Part 1 - Cheap Grace        Part 2 - Finding True Comfort