There is much misunderstanding today about who leads and how it is to be done within the Lord's church.  This series of lessons examines what the Bible says about the office of elders and deacons.  This study must be considered seriously and prayerfully.

Why this Study?  So reasons presented for this series of lessons.

What is our responsibilities to our elders? Our role toward them is just as important as their role in maintaining proper unity in the local church.

What is the work of elders? Includes a description of the terms used to identify those serving in this office.

Qualifications of elders 1 - Introduced - Considerations to weigh as we examine 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

Qualifications of elders 2 - foundational - Elders must have desire, be blameless and not a novice.

NEW Qualifications 3 - Qualities of Character

NEW Qualifications 4 - Qualities of Action

NEW Qualifications 5 - Qualities of Leadership (including family qualifications)

Deacons and their work (Coming at a later date)

Wives of elders and deacons (Coming at a later date)