Evangelism.  It is something we all need to do in one form or another.  While I am convinced that most of us want to reach the lost, there are fears, insecurities and apprehension that stand in our way.  With that in mind, last year we began presenting some lessons dealing with evangelism.  This year, we intend to continue that study with lessons that address both attitudes and some practical applications to help us strive to reach the lost.

Title Date Html PP MP3
Discussing Religion With Others 8/24/2014 Html PP MP3
Why Should I Reach the Lost? 10/12/14 Html PP MP3
Perspectives 10/26/14 Html PP MP3
"Here Am I, Send Me" - Songs about Evangelism 11/30/14 Html PP MP3
The Excuses of Moses - Exodus 3 & 4 1/25/15 Html PP MP3
 Qualities of a Personal Worker (1) 2/22/15 Html PP MP3
Qualities of a Personal Worker (2) 3/22/15 Html PP MP3
New Testament Examples of Evangelism 4/26/15 Html PP MP3
Jesus, An Example of Evangelism 5/24/15 Html PP MP3
New Testament Churches and Evangelism 6/28/15 Html PP MP3
What Can I Do?  Everyone Can Do Something! 7/26/15 Html PP MP3
Prayer in Evangelism 9/27/15 Html PP MP3
Courage in Evangelism 10/25/15 Html PP MP3
Obstacles to Reaching the Lost - Within 11/22/15 Html PP MP3
Obstacles to Reaching the Lost - Without (1) 1/24/16 Html PP MP3
Obstacles to Reaching the Lost - Without (2) 2/28/16 Html PP MP3
Relationships and Friendship as Prospects (1)
Also an examination of "Relationship Evangelism"
3/27/16 Html PP N/A
Relationships and Friends (2) /Reason and Persuasion
An Examination of "Relationship Evangelism" 2
4/24/16 Html PP MP3
What One Needs To Know To Be Saved 5/22/16 Html PP MP3
Why Stop the Chariot? 8/28/16 Html PP MP3