The following is a recently completed study of one of the fastest growing and largest religions in the world - Islam.   Our goal in this study is to give an overview of this world religion. Obviously, our approach is to expose it as a false religion in contrast with the teachings of Christ.   Having said that, it has also been my goal to be fair and accurate in our portrayal of Muslims and the Islamic faith.  To do that I have consulted Islamic resources and resources from former Muslims in this study.  I encourage you to engage in further study on your own.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM.  Please note that I believe The Bible IS the inspired Word of God and that it centers around Jesus Christ as our Savior.  I believe that the Islamic faith is incompatible with this belief and thus my desire is that you repent and be saved.  I ask that you give the Bible the same consideration you expect others to give to the Qur'an. 
Please note that I have tried to be as fair and accurate as possible.  If you notice that some details presented about Islam are inaccurate (i.e. wrong dates, names, details about practices, etc), please contact me with documentation.  I will investigate and make necessary changes.  HOWEVER, this does not mean I will amend doctrinal teachings that you disagree with, but simply misstated facts about Islam.  I would hope that if I found some of your materials erroneously representing my faith and that I contacted you that you would do the same.   These lessons are presented with love and a desire for the Word of God to prevail.    Thomas Thornhill

Introduction to Islam  Examines why we are engaged in this study as well as a brief history of the beginning of Islam.
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Facts about Islam  Examines some passages in the Bible that claim to prophecy of Mohammed, religious beliefs and tenets of Islam, and how Muslims view the Christian faith (some challenges they present to Christians).
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The Bible vs. The Qur'an  Examines briefly the Qur'an and other writings of Islam.  Emphasis is placed upon the integrity of the Qur'an vs. the Bible and why the Bible IS more reliable.  Briefly examines some contradictions within the Qur'an as well as contradictions between the Qur'an and the Bible.        Listen to This Lesson

Doctrinal Concerns  -  Addresses some doctrinal differences between Islam and the teachings of the Bible.   Included are brief discussions about Allah vs. God, the Godhead (Trinity), Jesus, Mohammed as a prophet and The Plan of Salvation.          Listen to This Lesson

Jihad  - An examination of Jihad from its two views in Islam.  Also a brief examination of conflict among the history of  "so called" Christianity.  Listen to This Lesson

How to Respond to a Muslim - Suggestions that can help increase your chances of converting a Muslim friend to the Christian faith.        Listen to This Lesson