Why Study Jesus?

The following is an ongoing series throughout 2010 and 2011.  Our goal in this study is to better understand Jesus who came to this earth for us.  Not only did He die for us, He lived for us leaving the ultimate example of how to live. (Cf. 1 Corinthians 11:1) This study will be presented in sections (His childhood, beginning, ministry, final week, death, etc.) from time to time throughout it duration.


Prequel - Why Study Jesus?

Lesson 1 - Looking for Him.  Jesus was prophesied about and anticipated.

Lesson2 - His Birth.  Events surrounding His birth.

Lesson 3 - His Childhood.  Focusing primarily on Luke 2:39-52


Lesson 4 - John the Baptist prepares the way

Lesson 5 - His Baptism.  Why was Jesus baptized since He had no sin?

Lesson 6 - His temptation.

Lesson 7 - Choosing His apostles.  Occurred sometime early in His ministry.

Lesson 8 - Beginning Events of His Ministry.  Other events toward the beginning of His ministry.


Lesson 9 - Footprints of Jesus.  Some places we find our savior leading us throughout His ministry.

Lesson 10 - Sermons of Jesus.  Examines the preaching and teaching of Jesus.

Lesson 11 - The Sermon on the Mount.  An example of His sermons.

Lesson 12 - The Parables of Jesus.  Focusing on Matthew 13. (2 lessons)

Lesson 13 - The Claims of Jesus.  Examines some of His claims, focusing on the gospel of John.

Lesson 14 - Defending His Claims.  What proofs did Jesus present to cause His followers to take Him seriously?

Lesson 15 - The Miracles of Jesus.  The miracles were a great source of proofs of the claims of Jesus.  Examines the miracles recorded in John's gospel. (2 lessons)

Lesson 17 - Jesus our Servant.   He is the greatest example of service.  (NOTE: Due to technical issues, this lesson delayed)

Lesson 18 - Training the Twelve.  Some thoughts on Jesus training His apostles.   (NOTE: Due to technical issues, this lesson delayed)

 Lesson 19 - One on One.  Jesus found time to interact one on one with others.

 Lesson 20 - The Enemies of Jesus (1) - An examination of the enemies Jesus faced as recorded in Matthew's gospel

 Lesson 20 - The Enemies of Jesus (2) - How Jesus dealt with His enemies

 Lesson 21 - The Disciples of Jesus. Jesus had many disciples that He spent time teaching and preparing.  Deals with the cost of discipleship.

Lesson 22 - Setting His Face Toward Jerusalem.  Luke 9:51-52 records that Jesus set His face to go to Jerusalem.  This lesson examines some events during this period of His work and service.

Lesson 23 - The Transfiguration.  Lessons from this pivotal event in the Life of Jesus

PART 4 - THE WEEK THAT CHANGED HISTORY (Early Events and Teachings)

Lesson 23 - The Beginning of the week that changed History - The Triumphal Entry

Lesson 24 - Events early in the Week - Cleansing the Temple & Cursing the Fig Tree

Lesson 25 - Parables of Rejection - Matthew 21:23-22:14 Parables in which Jesus identifies the rejection of the Jews

Lesson 26 - The Jewish System - some background explaining the various Jewish groups that affected the events in the life of Jesus.

Lesson 27 - Answering His Critics - Matthew 22:15-45 - Jesus answers attempts to entrap Him.

Lesson 28 - Exposing their Hypocrisy - Matthew 23 - a 3 part lesson dealing with one of the strongest rebukes in scripture.  Jesus was exposing the attitudes and actions of the corrupt leaders and their followers.

Lesson 28 - Exposing their Hypocrisy - Part 2 (Matt. 23:14-22)

 Lesson 28 - Exposing their Hypocrisy - Part 3 (Matt. 23:23-33)

Lesson 29 - Teachings on Judgment - Jerusalem (Matt. 24:1-35)

Lesson 30 - Teachings on Judgment - His Second Coming - 1 (Matt. 24:36-25:13)

Lesson 31 - Teachings on Judgment - His Second Coming - 2 (Matt. 25:14-46)

PART 5 - THE CULMINATION OF HIS LIFE (Events Associated with His Crucifixion)

Lesson 32 - What Jesus Endured - a recounting of the events and suffering Jesus endured for us

Lesson 33 - Instituting the Lord's Supper - (Matt. 26:17-29)

Lesson 34 - In the Garden - (Matt. 26:30-56)

Lesson 35 - The Trials - (Matt. 26:57-27:25) - Why were the trials of Jesus illegal?

Lesson 36 - The Crucifixion - a lesson addressing the details surrounding the crucifixion

Lesson 37 - At the Cross - Some things demonstrated as a result of Jesus dying on the cross

Lesson 38 - The Blood of His Cross - What does the blood of Jesus accomplish for our salvation?

Lesson 39 - Mankind at the Cross - a lesson addressing sin surrounding the cross

Lesson 40 - The Two Thieves on the Cross - Luke 23:33, 39-43.

Lesson 41 - The Grave - the account of the burial of Jesus

Lesson 42 - The Resurrection 1 - The accounts of His resurrection

Lesson 43 - The Resurrection 2 - Did He Arise?  An examination of events, both external and internal that demonstrate He really did arise.

NEW Lesson 44 - The Resurrection 3 - Did He Arise? Examining the theories used to refute the resurrection. 

NEW Lesson 45 - After the Resurrection - appearances to Thomas and restoring Peter - John 20-21

NEW Lesson 46 - The Great Commission and Ascension.   Does the great commission apply to us?

NEW Lesson 46 - The Second Coming of Jesus - What is Jesus doing now?  Will He will come again?