The following is an ongoing series of problems, we might face as Christians.  Many of these problems are prevalent in the world, but as Christians we are not immune to succeptibility.   But we do have answers in the word of God.    So here, from time to time, we will post sermons addressing the problems we face as Christians.
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Problems Christians Face
Title Date Html MP3 PP Word For further
Discouragement 5/14/17 Html MP3 PP    
The Danger of Drifting 5/28/17 Html MP3 PP    
Worry 6/25/17 Html MP3 PP    
Pride 8/20/17 Html MP3 PP    
Pride 2 - The answer is Humility 8/20/17 Html MP3 PP    
Laziness 11/12/17 Html MP3 PP    
Doubt 12/10/17 Html MP3 PP    
Guilt -1 1/21/18 Html MP3 PP    
Guilt - 2 1/28/17 Html MP3 PP    
Failure - 1 2/25/18 Html MP3 PP    
Failure - 2 (partial recording)
Part 2b recorded later to complete lesson
311/18 Html MP3a