This page contains sermons preached at the Rose Avenue church of Christ. These sermons can be printed and used freely for your study.  Much of this material is developed using numerous sources available to the author.  Look for some of these sermons to also be available in PDF.  Simply click the Red Text to access these lessons. 

Some sermons also available for MP3 download (If you have problems please contact me - mailto:preacher@roseavenue.org  TATJR)




Authority In the Work of the Church  A series of Lessons on the Christian and the church (11 sermons)


Bible Study - a series on the importance of Bible Study (coming soon)


Caring - a series on the subject of caring (7 articles).


Compromise - a series on the subject of compromise (6 sermons)


FAITH - The substance of things hoped for.  A series of lessons based on Hebrews 11. (12 sermons)


Family Problems - a series on the problems on facing the family. (9 sermons)


Growing In Christ.  A series of Lessons Examining the importance of Growth in Him and how to accomplish it. (6 sermons)


History, Why are there so many different churches?  A study of the history of apostasy and restoration.  Each lesson with Biblical principles. Coming in PDF (8 sermons)


NEW Leadership.  An ongoing study dealing with the leader in all of us.


Nehemiah.  How to get a task done.  A series examining how Nehemiah inspired Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days.  (Coming Soon)


Personal Evangelism.  Lessons addressing the importance of reaching the lost. (3 sermons)


Prayer.  A study of this subject.  More lessons to be added in the future. (5 sermons)


Psalms, Sermons From.  A series of lessons examining a new Psalm each month.  (Some in MP3)  (Moved to new sermons)


Romans, Studies in. Lessons from the book of Romans.   More to come.  (32 sermons)


Self-Renewal, The Christian and l.  A series of lessons designed to encourage lasting growth.  (13 sermons)


Spiritual Indicators.  A six lesson series designed to help us examine our standing with God. (6 Sermons) Also in MP3


The Tongue, A Study.  A series of lessons examining how the tongue is abused and is to be used. (14 sermons)


What's Hurting Us Right Now? A study that gets to the brass-tacks of what we need to address right now. (7 sermons)


1 Corinthians.  A systematic study through this book.  Coming Soon  


Letters to the Seven Churches.  Coming Soon  




SERMONS BY TITLE (series not included)

Another Generation.  A lesson from Judges 2 concerning our role to instill godly values in the next generation.


Are You A Friend of Jesus?  Do we treat Jesus like a friend?


Baptism - Because I was baptized...


Barnabas - Lessons from a major character.


Brotherly Love - a study of the importance of brotherly love in the life of a Christian.


Church, Dangers Facing.   Some things every church ought to be aware of.


Church, Is the Church Really Important to You? Answers why the church is NOT more important to some.


 Commitment.  We all need commitment to adequately serve God.  Presented "Easter" Sunday to challenge all to ask, "Why am I here?"


Compassion.  Our need for compassion.


Conversion - Learn what we need to do to be saved from the examples of conversion in the book of Acts


Criticism - A lesson that exposes when criticism is a sin and how to properly criticize


The Da Vinci Code.  An examination of the book/movie.  Can we give a defense?


Evangelism in the Home.  Where teaching the gospel needs to begin.


Failure of Eli, The.  A lesson about responsibility as leaders (including parents).


Faithfulness.  Two sermons addressing what is involved in being faithful


Faith ONLY.  Why this denominational, foundational doctrine is false


Faith, The Real Source.  Where is our faith rooted?


Follow Me.  A lesson that examines the call of Jesus.


NEW  Forgiveness.  What does the Bible say about forgiving one another?


Four Witnesses.  A study of Jesus' discourse in John 5:31-47


Gambling, Should Christians Gamble?  Addresses the subject of gambling, especially casual gambling.


Getting the Most Out of God's Word.  A study of Nehemiah 8 as it applies to studying God's word and authority.


Gifts According to Our AbilitiesTwo Lessons A study of Romans 12:6-8 and using what abilities God has given us.


God's Word, Handling - Accurately.  Some suggestions to help ensure we "rightly divide" God's word as we study it.


Godly Attitude, The Importance of Also in PDF  Why we need a godly attitude.


Gospel Meetings, Successful and Unsuccessful.  Attitudes that will determine whether an effort succeeds or fails.


Have we restored the New Testament Church? A 2 Part lesson questioning whether we are done with the job of restoring the church of the New Testament.


Heaven Like? What is  A lesson describing our future home


Homosexuality, The Sin of.  Why is this lifestyle sinful?  How should we react toward homosexuals?


Hypocrite, Are you a.  What are the characteristics of a hypocrite?


 I Am Resolved.  A lesson about keeping our resolutions.


 Invitation, Power of.  Reasons why we SHOULD offer an invitation.


Lessons From Ten Lepers.  A lesson about gratitude.


 Lessons for Every Church.  Some lessons from studying the 7 churches of Asia together (Revelation 2-3)


 Manifold Wisdom of God.  How God's wisdom is demonstrated in the church


Meditate on these things.  A study of Christian meditation (study) based on Philippians 4:8


Making your call and election sure.   Some things you can do to help ensure you are ready to stand before God.


New Testament.   Can we count on the New Testament we have?


The Nine Commandments We Keep.  A lesson dealing with where in the New Testament 9 of the 10 Commandments are mentioned.  Also addresses the 10th commandment - "Remember the Sabbath"


Our Common Salvation Also in PDF Jude 3, How is our salvation common?


NEW Parable of 2 Sons.  Based on Matthew 21:28-32.  Subjects include obedience, true repentance, and the importance of how you finish.


Philemon, The Book of.  Lessons in dealing with delicate situations


Prejudice, The Sin of Two lessons about prejudice and how to overcome it.


 Repentance, True.  A basic lesson on repentance dealing with 2 Corinthians 7:8-11


Resolutions, Ready for 2006.  Making plans as the New Year approaches.


Resurrection, Remembering the Lord's Resurrection.  HOW we are commanded to remember His resurrection.  Presented, "Easter Sunday."


Resurrection, Christianity and the Resurrection.  Addresses the prevalence of the resurrection in First Century Preaching. 
                      Presented, "Easter Sunday" 2008


Sad Sayings in the New Testament


Spiritual Identity Theft.  Also in PDF How Satan Tries to "steal" our spiritual reputation with God and others.


Songs we Sing, The.  A study that challenges us to sing "with the spirit and with the understanding"


Sound Doctrine.  Our need for sound doctrine in knowing the truth.


The United Church of Christ.  An examination of the teaching of this denomination and why we are not a part of it.


Unless the Lord Builds the House.  An adapted lesson based on Psalm 127:1


Was Peter the First Pope.  An examination of the papacy from a Biblical perspective.


What Are You Doing For Jesus? Examining what we really do for Him


What Every Church Needs.  Some things that are necessary for the church to be true


What Our Children Get Out of Attendance.  Should we bring our children to services?


What Wishing Will Not Do.  While it is not wrong to wish for things, there are things it cannot accomplish.


Why Study The Old Testament?  Reasons to study the Old Law and some suggestions about how to use it properly.


When We Don't Progress.  A study of Hebrews 6:4-6.


Worship, The Seriousness of.  Worshipping God properly is serious business as this set of lessons shows.


Would you be missed? If you were absent from the assembly, would you be missed?


You Ought To Be Teachers  A call for examination as to whether we are the teachers we ought to be.  Also a history of teaching in the Bible


You Are What You Sow.  Lessons from Galatians 6:7-9 


Youth, Remember Your Creator.  Why the young should consider obeying God now.






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