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TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Submitting Wives01-02-2022Visit PageMP3PPTXPDF
The Great Commission01-02-2022Visit PageMP3PPTXPDF
Lazy12-26-2021Visit PageMP3
Knowing God12-26-2021Visit PageMP3
Fear12-26-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
Jesus, Name Above All Names12-19-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
Roles In The Church12-19-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
Sayings of Jesus on the Cross – 212-12-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Sayings of Jesus on the Cross – 112-12-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Submitting Servants12-05-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Lord’s Prayer (3) – A Prayer for Those Who Believe12-05-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 8 – Antichrist and Armageddon11-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Lord’s Prayer – 211-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 7 – Apocalyptic Literature and Revelation11-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Lord’s Prayer – 111-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 6 – The Great Tribulation – 211-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
A Farewell Admonition11-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Submit to Governing Authorities11-07-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Woe To You Hypocrites – 211-07-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
In the Hour of Trial – Sermon in Song10-31-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Woe to You Hypocrites10-31-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 5 – The Great Tribulation (1)10-24-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Hard Sayings of Jesus10-24-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 4 – Will There Be a Rapture?10-17-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
I Will Build My Church10-17-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Faith to the Saving of the Soul10-15-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDF
Holy, Holy, Holy10-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDFPDF
In God We Trust10-13-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDFPDF
Keep Your Heart With All Diligence10-12-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDFPDF
Wrestling With God10-11-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDFPDF
The Greatest Commandment10-10-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDFPDF
Jesus Loves Me10-10-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePDFPDF
Conduct Honorable among Gentiles10-03-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Another Gospel Meeting10-03-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 3 – The Spiritual Nature of the Kingdom09-26-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Sending Out the Twelve – 309-26-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Premillennialism 2 – How Are the Church and Kingdom Related?09-19-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Sending Out the Twelve – 209-19-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
What Is Premillennialism?09-12-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Sending Out the Twelve – 109-12-2021Visit PageMP3PPTXPDF
His Own Special People09-05-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Unless You Repent09-05-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Live for Jesus – Song08-29-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPPTX
The Four-fold Witness08-29-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTX
Drifting Churches08-22-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Worship God In Spirit and In Truth08-22-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Is Your Faith Greater than Your Fear?08-15-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
God So Loved the World08-15-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
A Royal Priesthood08-08-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Beware – Take Heed08-01-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
Word Pictures in the New Testament08-01-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
Why Is Denominationalism Wrong?08-01-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Truth and Gender07-25-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
I’m Not Ashamed of the Gospel07-25-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
The Conclusion of the Whole Matter07-18-2021Visit PageMP3PPTXPDF
Submitting07-11-2021Visit PageMP3PPTX
Relationship Between Faith, Hope and Love07-11-2021Visit PageMP3
A Spiritual House07-04-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Our Freedom in Christ07-04-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
What Is Your Life?06-27-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Accurately Handling the Scriptures06-25-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXDOCX
We Can All Understand the Bible Alike06-24-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXDOCX
Double Minded Men and Jeremiah06-23-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXDOCX
Culture of Negativity06-22-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXDOCX
Positive Attitudes of Philippians06-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXDOCX
Two Hopes06-20-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXDOCX
An Approved Church06-20-2021Visit PageYoutubePPTXDOCX
Well Driven Nails06-13-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
God’s Enduring Word06-06-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
What Is a Christian?06-06-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Song – Is Thy Heart Right With God?05-30-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Dealing With Doubt05-23-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Lessons from the Gibeonites05-16-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Before the Difficult Days Come05-09-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Conduct Yourselves In Fear05-02-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
When God Says Nothing05-02-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Jumping To Conclusions04-25-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
By Faith Abraham04-18-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Rejoice in Your Youth04-11-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Be Holy04-04-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Remembering the Resurrection04-04-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
How To Study the Bible (2)03-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
How to Study the Bible – Part 103-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Be Busy Doing Good03-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Prophesying of the Grace of God03-07-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Can We Understand the Bible Alike?03-07-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
For Such a Time as This – A Study of God’s Providence02-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
How Jesus Used Scripture When Tempted02-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Life- Part 202-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Genuineness of Your Faith02-07-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Some Things Jesus Did02-07-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Victory In Jesus –01-31-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Are We Living In the Last Days?01-24-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Lessons From Nadab and Abihu01-17-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Life – Part101-10-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Begotten to a Living Hope (2)01-03-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Some Things Jesus Did NOT Do01-03-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF


TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Parable of the Wedding Feast04-25-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of the 10 Minas04-18-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parables of Forgiveness04-11-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
The “Lost” Parables03-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Rich Man and Lazarus03-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Parable of the Unjust Steward03-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of The Good Samaritan02-28-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of the Dragnet02-21-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parables of Hidden Treasure and Pearl of Great Price02-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Parables of Mustard Seed & Leaven01-31-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of Wheat and Tares01-24-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of the Sower01-17-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2PPTXPDF
The Parables of Jesus – Introduction01-10-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF


TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
I AM the True Vine08-08-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life07-18-2021Visit PageMP3PPTXPDF
I AM The Resurrection and the Life06-27-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
I AM the Good Shepherd06-13-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
I AM the Door05-30-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
I AM the Light of the World05-23-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
I AM the Bread of Life05-16-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Before Abraham Was – “I AM”05-09-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF