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TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
For Such a Time as This – A Study of God’s Providence02-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
How Jesus Used Scripture When Tempted02-21-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Life- Part 202-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
The Genuineness of Your Faith02-07-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Some Things Jesus Did02-07-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Victory In Jesus –01-31-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Are We Living In the Last Days?01-24-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Lessons From Nadab and Abihu01-17-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Life – Part101-10-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Begotten to a Living Hope (2)01-03-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Some Things Jesus Did NOT Do01-03-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF


TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Parable of The Good Samaritan02-28-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of the Dragnet02-21-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parables of Hidden Treasure and Pearl of Great Price02-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Parables of Mustard Seed & Leaven01-31-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of Wheat and Tares01-24-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF
Parable of the Sower01-17-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2PPTXPDF
The Parables of Jesus – Introduction01-10-2021Visit PageMP3 1 | MP3 2YoutubePPTXPDF