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TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Introduction – Let us Go On To Perfection01-04-2015Visit PageMP3PPT

What It Means to be A Christian

TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
The Christian is… an Athlete03-01-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
The Christian is… A Soldier02-22-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
The Christian Is… A Citizen02-15-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
Blessings and Responsibilities of Being a Christian02-08-2015Visit PageMP3
What is A Christian?02-01-2015Visit PageMP3PPT

Go On To Perfection

TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Self-Examination (An Invitation)01-28-2015Visit PageMP3
The Excuses of Moses01-25-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
They All Began to Make Excuses01-25-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
The Mind of a Christian01-18-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
At Ease In Zion01-11-2015Visit PageMP3PPT
Do you want to be made well?01-11-2015Visit PageMP3PPT