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TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
The Conclusion of the Whole Matter07-18-2021Visit PageMP3PPTXPDF
Well Driven Nails06-13-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Before the Difficult Days Come05-09-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Rejoice in Your Youth04-11-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Be Busy Doing Good03-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Life- Part 202-14-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Life – Part101-10-2021Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Wisdom is Better…12-13-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
One Thing Happens to All11-08-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Trying To Figure It Out10-11-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Rulers and Those Who Follow Them (2)09-13-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Rulers and Those Who Follow Them09-06-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Thoughts About Wisdom (3)08-09-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubeMP3PDF
Thoughts about Wisdom (2)08-02-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Thoughts About Wisdom (1)07-26-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Some Better Things (2)07-05-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Some Better Things (1) – Ecclesiastes06-14-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Vanity of Discontentment Ecclesiastes 605-24-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Concerning Prosperity05-03-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTPDF
Concerning Vows03-08-2020Visit PageMP3PPT
The Value of a Friend02-09-2020Visit PageMP3PPT
Oppression and Envy01-12-2020Visit PageMP3PPT
Men and Animals12-08-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
What God Has Done10-13-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
To Everything There Is a Season (2)09-08-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
A time for Everything (1)08-11-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Distressing Work07-07-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Wisdom Excels Folly, But…06-02-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Vanity of Entertainment05-05-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Vanity of Materialism04-14-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Vanity of Dominion03-03-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Folly of Luxury01-27-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
The Folly of Wine01-06-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Vanity of Mirth and Laughter12-02-2018Visit PageMP3PPT
Seeking and Searching With Wisdom11-04-2018Visit PageMP3PPT
Nothing New Under the Sun (2)10-14-2018Visit PageMP3PPT
All Is Vanity – 109-02-2018Visit PageMP3PPT
Ecclesiastes – An Introduction08-05-2018Visit PageMP3PPT