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TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Benediction05-17-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Sharing With Paul04-19-2020Visit PageMP3YoutubePPTXPDF
Grateful Contentment03-15-2020Visit PageMP3PPTX
Meditate on These Things02-16-2020Visit PageMP3PPTX
Gentleness Without Anxiety01-19-2020Visit PageMP3PPTX
Rejoice in the Lord Always12-18-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Be of the Same Mind11-24-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Our Citizenship is In Heaven10-20-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Whose Example Will You Follow?09-15-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
I Press08-18-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Counting All Things Loss For Christ07-21-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
We are the True Circumcision06-09-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Rejoice, But Beware05-19-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Epaphroditus04-28-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Timothy – Philippians 2:19-2403-17-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Poured Out As A Drink Offering – Philippians 2:17-1802-17-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Holding Forth the Word of Life – Philippians 2:1601-20-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Children of God Without Fault01-13-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX