A study of the home from a Biblical perspective.  It is no secret that the home in America is in trouble, with increased broken homes, cohabitation and so many problems prevalent without intact homes.  This study is designed to glean what God expects of our homes.  This is important because the home is the basic unit of society.  As the home goes, so goes society, the government and the church.  Examine the things presented here with an open Bible and an open heart.


Lesson Html Listen PP
1 - Introduction - Why This Study?  Scheduled topics, The Home and Society, What a Godly home is. Html MP3 PP
2 - The Act of Marriage - Discussing what marriage is as well as its purpose Html MP3 PP
3 - The Sin of Divorce- What God's word says about divorce Html MP3 PP
4 - Remarriage - Who has the right to marry a second time Html MP3 PP
5 - Remarriage - Misapplying Matthew 19:9 and other texts to justify unscriptural marriages Html MP3 PP
6 - Preparing for Marriage - When does preparation begin, choosing the right mate Html MP3 PP
7 - Preparing for Marriage 2 - Dating and Engagement; Should you marry a Christian Html MP3 PP
8 - The Marriage Covenant - Discussing how the marriage vows are a covenant.  Also a brief history of the marriage ceremony and the vows we exchange (traditional vows) Html MP3 PP
9 - The Role of the Husband - 2 Part lesson dealing with the headship and responsibilities of the husband. Html (1) MP3

 (2) Mp3
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10 - The Role of the Wife - 2 Part lesson dealing with submission, respect and other responsibilities of the wife Html (1) MP3

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11 - The Role of Parents - 2 Part lesson addressing first the role of father and mother, then noting how together they have certain responsibilities. Html (1) MP3

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12 - The Role of Children - Summarized with Ephesians 6:1-3 Html MP3 PP
13-  If you Choose Not To Marry - a study of what God's word says to singles Html MP3 PP
14 - Conclusion - Dealing with Problems, The home - a taste of heaven Html MP3 PP