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Sermons From the Psalms

This page is part of an ongoing series of lessons taken from the psalms.  About once a month a lesson is presented from the next psalm in order.  My goal in this series is to help us learn how to better appreciate and praise God as that is what much of the psalms involve.  There are also great lessons to be gleaned from the psalms.  Time permitting and as it becomes available, other material from this great collection of Hebrew poetry will be added to this page.  I do not claim originality to much of the material used in these lessons, as several sources have been used to find ideas including Spurgeon's Treasury of David, The Pulpit Commentary (Online edition, PC Study Bible), The Biblical Illustrator (Online Edition, PC Study Bible) and numerous other sources.

Psalm 1, Where the Path of the Godly and Ungodly Leads

Psalm 2, The Triumph of God

Psalm 3, Lord How They have Increased, The Morning Psalm

Psalm 4, An Evening Psalm

Psalm 5, Consider My Meditation

Psalm 6, Lord, Do Not Rebuke Me

Psalm 7, In You I Put My Trust

Psalm 8, Our Excellent God

Psalm 9, The Lord's Righteous Judgment

Psalm 10, The Wicked and His Boasting

Psalm 11, The Lord Loves Righteousness

Psalm 12,  Help, O Lord

Psalm 13,  How Long O Lord?

Psalm 14, The Fool vs God

Psalm 15, Dwelling with the Lord

Psalm 16, A Soul NOT Left Behind

Psalm 17, Hear a Just Cause

Psalm 18, Let the God of My Salvation be Exalted

Psalm 19, The Perfect Law of the Lord

Psalm 20, May the Lord Defend You

Psalm 21, The King Shall have Joy

Psalm 22, My God, My God

Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd

Psalm 24, Ascending into the Lord's Kingdom

Psalm 25, Unto Thee O Lord, Do I Lift Up My Soul    Listen to this lesson MP3  (Right click and save as a download).

Psalm 26, I Have Walked in My Integrity                  Listen to this lesson MP3

Psalm 27, The Lord is my light                                Listen to this lesson MP3

Psalm 28, Do not be silent before me 

Psalm 29, The Voice of the Lord

Psalm 30, Lord Be My Helper

Psalm 31, Lord, Be My Fortress

Psalm 32, Blessed is the forgiven

Psalm 33, Where the Eye of the Lord is

Psalm 34, Taste and See the Lord is Good

Psalm 35, Plead My Cause

Psalm 36, Man's Wickedness and God's Goodness

Psalm 37, The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Psalm 38, Do Not Rebuke Me in Your Anger

Psalm 39, Lord, Make Me to Know My End

Psalm 40, Many Are Your Wonderful Works 

Psalm 41, Betrayed by a Trusted Friend

Psalm 42, As a Deer Pants, So I Pant for You        Listen to this lesson MP3

Psalm 43, God Is...                                              Listen to this lesson MP3

Psalm 44, A Cry of the Faithful               

Psalm 45, A Psalm of Love

Psalm 46, God our Refuge and Strength

Psalm 47, Sing Praises to God

Psalm 48, Great is the Lord in the City of our God

Psalm 49, Attention: Why Should I Fear?       Listen to this lesson MP3

Psalm 50, The Mighty One Speaks to All the Earth   

Psalm 51, Against You Have I Sinned             Listen to this lesson MP3

Psalm 52, Evil Boasting and God's Goodness

 Psalm 53, The Fool Has Said In His Heart - Again

Psalm 54, God is My Helper

Psalm 55, My Familiar Friend Who Reproaches Me

Psalm 56, What Can Flesh Do To Me?

Psalm 57, In the Shadow of Your Wings

Psalm 58, Break Their Teeth

Psalm 59, Deliver and Defend Me

Psalm 60, Give us help from Trouble

Psalm 61, Lead me to the Rock                                                    Listen in MP3
Psalm 62, God Is My Salvation                                                     Listen in MP3
Psalm 63, Longing In A Dry and Thirsty Land                                 Listen in MP3

Psalm 64, Secret Plots                                                                Listen in MP3

Psalm 65, Blessed is the Man God Chooses                                 Listen in MP3
Psalm 66, How Awesome are His Works

Psalm 67, Let All the Peoples Praise You

Psalm 68, Blessed be God
Psalm 69, Zeal for Your House                                                       Listen in MP3

Psalm 70, Make Hast to Help Me O Lord                                        Listen in MP3

Psalm 71, Trust From My Youth                                                     Listen in MP3

Psalm 72, Give the King Your Judgments                                        Listen in MP3

Psalm 73, Until I Went Into the Sanctuary                                       Listen in MP3

Psalm 74, How Long Will the Adversary Approach?                         Listen in MP3

Psalm 75, When I Choose the Proper Time (Coming Soon)              Listen in MP3

Psalm 76, In Judah God is Known                                                 Listen in MP3

Psalm 77, In the Day of My Trouble, I Sought the Lord                     Listen in MP3

Psalm 78, Give Ear to My Law                                                       Listen in MP3

Psalm 79, Will You Be Angry Forever?                                           Listen in MP3

Psalm 80, Restore Us, O God                                                       Listen in MP3

Psalm 81, Hear O Israel, If you will Listen to Me                              Listen in MP3

Psalm 82, He Judges Among the Gods                                          Listen in MP3

Psalm 83, Deal With Your Enemies                                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 84, How Lovely Is Your Tabernacle                                      Listen in MP3

Psalm 85, You Have Been Favorable to Your Land                           Listen in MP3

Psalm 86, Teach Me Your Ways, O Lord                                        Listen in MP3

Psalm 87, Glorious Things Spoken of Zion                                      Listen in MP3

 Psalm 88, Why Do You Cast Off My Soul?                                     Listen in MP3

Psalm 89, Where Is Your Former Loving-Kindness?                         Listen in MP3

Psalm 90, The Psalm of Moses                                                     Listen in MP3

Psalm 91, Abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty                            Listen in MP3

Psalm 92, It is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord                              Listen in MP3

Psalm 93  The Lord Reigns with Majesty                                        Listen in MP3

Psalm 94  God- To Whom Vengeance Belongs                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 95 Let Us Sing to the Lord                                                   Listen in MP3

Psalm 96,  Declare His Glory Among the Nations                             Listen in MP3

Psalm 97, The Lord Reigns                                                            Listen in MP3

Psalm 98, Sing a New Song                                                           Listen in MP3

Psalm 99, The Lord Our God is Holy                                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 100, Serve the Lord with Gladness                                       Listen in MP3

Psalm 101.  I will behave Wisely                                                    Listen in MP3

Psalm 102, A Prayer of the Afflicted                                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 103, Bless the Lord O My Soul                                            Listen in MP3

Psalm 104, Bless the Lord of Creation                                            Listen in MP3
Psalm 105, Make Known His Deeds                                               Listen in MP3
Psalm 106, Visit Me With Salvation                                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 107, O That Men Would Give Thanks to the Lord                   Listen in MP3

Psalm 108, My Heart is STeadfast                                                 Listen in MP3
Psalm 109, Let Another Take His Place                                         Listen in MP3

Psalm 110, The Lord Said to My Lord                                            Listen in MP3

Psalm 111, Praising His Works                                                     Listen in MP3

Psalm 112, The Man Who Fears God                                             Listen in MP3

Psalm 113, Hallelujah                                                                   Listen in MP3

Psalm 114, Judah, His Sanctuary                                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 115, Our God Is In Heaven                                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 116, I Love the LORD                                                         Listen in MP3

Psalm 117, Praise the LORD, You Gentiles                                   Listen in MP3

Psalm 118    HIs Mercy Endures Forever                                       Listen in MP3

Psalm 119    The Word of God (1)                                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 119-2    Selected Psalms                                                    Listen in MP3

Psalm 119-3 More Selected Psalms                                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 120    Lying Lips                                                                 Listen in MP3

Psalm 121 From Whence Comes My Help?                                    Listen in MP3

Psalm 122 I Was Glad                                                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 123 Unto you I Lift Up My Voice                                          Listen in MP3

Psalm 124 If the LORD had Not Been on Our Side                          Listen in MP3

Psalm 125   The LORD Surrounds His People                                Listen in MP3

Psalm 126    When the LORD Brought Back Zion                           Listen in MP3

Psalm 127    Unless the LORD Build the House                             Listen in MP3

Psalm 128    Blessed is He Who Fears the Lord                            Listen in MP3

Psalm 129    They have not prevailed                                            Listen in MP3

Psalm 130    Out of the Depths                                                    Listen in MP3

Psalm 131            My Heart is Not Haughty                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 132            Remember David                                             Listen in MP3

Psalm 133    How Good and How Pleasant                                   Listen in MP3

Psalm 134    Bless the LORD                                                      Listen in MP3

Psalm 135    Out of Zion, Bless the LORD                                    Listen in MP3

Psalm 136     His Mercy Endures Forever                                     Listen in MP3

Psalm 137     How Shall We Sing?                                               Listen in MP3

Psalm 138    With My Whole Heart                                              Listen in MP3

Psalm 139    O LORD, You Know Me                                           Listen in MP3

Psalm 140    Deliver Us From Evil Men                                         Listen in MP3

Psalm 141   Make Haste                                                             Listen in MP3

Psalm 142    I Cry Out to the LORD                                              Listen in MP3

Psalm 143, Answer Me Speedily                                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 144, The LORD My Rock                                                  Listen in MP3

Psalm 145, I Will Extol You, My God                                           Listen in MP3

NEW Psalm 146, Happy is He Whose God is the LORD                No recording

NEW Psalm 147, It is Good to Sing Praises                                 Listen in MP3

NEW Psalm 148  Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah                                Listen in MP3