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TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Rejoice in the Lord Always12-18-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Men and Animals12-08-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Be of the Same Mind11-24-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Our Citizenship is In Heaven10-20-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
What God Has Done10-13-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Whose Example Will You Follow?09-15-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
To Everything There Is a Season (2)09-08-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Does It Really Matter What We Believe?09-01-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
I Press08-18-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
A time for Everything (1)08-11-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
How Can God Send People to an Eternal Hell? (2)08-04-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
How Can God Send People to an Eternal Hell? (1)07-28-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Counting All Things Loss For Christ07-21-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Song – Will Jesus Find Us Watching?07-14-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Distressing Work07-07-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
God and Suffering (2)06-30-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God and Suffering (1)06-23-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Using our Tongues06-19-2019Visit PageMP3
Mindful of choice06-16-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
We are the True Circumcision06-09-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Wisdom Excels Folly, But…06-02-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
“I’m Not Good Enough”05-26-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Rejoice, But Beware05-19-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
The Lord Is Not Ashamed05-12-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
The Vanity of Entertainment05-05-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Dealing with the Darkness Around Us05-05-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Epaphroditus04-28-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Darkness Around us (4) – Tolerance Redefined04-28-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Joy of a Christian04-21-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Darkness Around Us (3) – Eccumenism04-21-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
The Vanity of Materialism04-14-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Darkness Around Us (2) – Works of this World04-14-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Song – Lord, Send Me03-31-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Darkness Around Us (1) – Worldly Wisdom03-31-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
To Judge or Not to Judge03-24-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Know Your Enemy (2) – Dealing With Satan03-24-2019Visit PageMP3
Timothy – Philippians 2:19-2403-17-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Know Your Enemy (1)03-17-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Am I Open Minded?03-10-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
What Does Different Look Like?03-10-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Vanity of Dominion03-03-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Examples of Examples in Scripture (2)03-03-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Why Do We Sit Still?02-24-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Examples of Examples in Scripture (1)02-24-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Poured Out As A Drink Offering – Philippians 2:17-1802-17-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Jesus, Our Ultimate Example02-17-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
“I Have Sinned”02-10-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Examples Described – Light (2)02-10-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Why We Do Not Keep the Sabbath02-03-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Examples Described – Light – God is Light, Jesus is the Light of the World02-03-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Folly of Luxury01-27-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Example Described – More Examples01-27-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Holding Forth the Word of Life – Philippians 2:1601-20-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Example Described – Salt01-20-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Children of God Without Fault01-13-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Lights in a Dark World Introduction01-13-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
The Folly of Wine01-06-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
What’s Keeping You?01-06-2019Visit PageMP3PPT

Letting My Light Shine

TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Dealing With Sinful People12-22-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Shining Our Lights With a View Toward Eternity12-22-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Attitudes that Win People12-15-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Attitudes that Turn People Off12-08-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Being a Servant11-24-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Be Holy In All Your Conduct11-10-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX

An Example in Every Area

TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Godly Families (3) – Parents and Children10-27-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
Godly Families (2) – Husbands and Wives10-20-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Godly Families (1) – Shining In a Dark World10-13-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Our Example – When We Are Older09-22-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
My Example in The Workplace09-15-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
My Example to My Neighbors09-08-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX

An example in all things

TitleDateLesson PageAudioVideoPresentationOutline
Social Media and the Internet (3)08-25-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Social Media (2)08-18-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Social Media (1)08-11-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Our Mental Health07-28-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Your Physical Health (2)07-21-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
Our Physical Health (1)07-14-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God First Spiritually – The Church (3) – The Church Within Our Community06-30-2019Visit PageMP3PPT
How We Use Our Money06-23-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God First Spiritually – What Am I Doing For the Church? (2)06-09-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God First Spiritually – How Important is the Church? (1)06-02-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God First Spiritually – Do I Live Like An Atheist?05-26-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God First Spiritually – Apathy & Righteousness05-19-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX
God First Spiritually05-12-2019Visit PageMP3PPTX